An innovative medication blister card packaging assistant that brings accuracy, traceability and security to a manual process. Blistassist is engineered to meet all the requirements of a pharmacy’s operation.

Pouch packaging

Whether you want to help improve the medication adherence of 100 or 40.000 patients by supplying medication in pouches, we have the solutions to help you do it in the most efficient and reliable way. Our experts can advise on the perfect fit for your pharmacy.


To check the medication adherence pouches before you send them out, as a pharmacist you want to be sure that the right pill is in the right pouch. To help you do that, we can supply a checking machine. Easy to install, and the highest quality available.


Packing paper, print ribbons or the perfect pouch dispenser for your patient: we are the one stop shop for all your pouch packaging needs. Speedy, on time delivery and the peace of mind that all materials used are tested and of the highest quality.

5R Medication Management

Doing things right. With solutions that fit your pharmacy. Making sure that you can offer the highest quality of service to your patient. That is what 5R Medication Management is about.

Medication adherence is a big challenge. For patients, but also for pharmacies. We want to help pharmacies provide the best possible medication adherence support to their patients. We do that with a cup of coffee. Yes, a cup of coffee. Before talking about solutions, we will have a cup of coffee with you to start the analysis of your situation. Together we will identify the problems that keep you from delivering even better service to your patients. Together we will identify the bottlenecks that need to be resolved. Together we will find the solution that will benefit your pharmacy and your patients the most.

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